The Processes of Buying/Selling a home

At a Glance

There can be many twists and turns involved with buying a house, but rest assured that when you are working with an SK Realty agent, our goal is your Success!!

Below is a flow chart to give you a general overview of the entire buying process. Through all the twists and turns in the road to home-ownership, you can rest easy with SK Realty. We will keep you, and your purchase, on the road to success, right up to the finish line!

The flow charts on this page are intended to represent normal occurrences during an average transaction. Each transaction can vary slightly or greatly, and each transaction is completely unique. The information contained within these flow charts demonstrate each process in general, and are to be used as a guide ONLY. The charts are not to be interpreted, nor considered, as an offer for services, according to the models shown.